About Project Able

Project ABLE is sponsored and run through the Julia Kirsch Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation has a number of programs, all of which seek to help individuals with disabilities to obtain internships and employment in the financial services industry. (www.juliakirschfoundation.org)


Project Able seeks to:

Mentor college students with disabilities on a one-to-one basis by connecting them with financial service professionals that will help them with, among other things, resume writing, mock interviews and suggestions about how to talk about their disability.
Help students obtain internships by running internship events and providing information about openings in the industry. 
Sponsor career awareness events that expose college students with disabilities to professions in which they may have an interest and build rewarding long-term careers.
Increase awareness and dialogue between students with disabilities and potential employers who are committed to achieving meaningful diversity & inclusion success with this community.